Our mission

Provide safe water to people in water-poor communities.

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By improving access to safe water and improved sanitation facilities, children in schools spend more time learning and families live healthier lives and thus able to engage in more productive work than on hospital beds.

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About WaterCause Org

Welcome to WaterCause AFRICA.

Watercause.org is a development WASH organization that was founded to improve access to safe and clean water among all people in water-poor communities in Uganda, Eastern Africa. We embrace humanity through providing safe water solutions to water-poor communities in Uganda.

Our solutions are simple and sustainable enabling communities to sustainably own and mange their own water resources. We provide safe water, sanitation & hygiene tools and solutions to people living in remote areas in Uganda where clean drinking water is no reality.

Our work focuses on building Healthy and Self sustaining communities that effectively manage their own water resources for more productive and healthier lives. We achieve this through;

  • WASH infrastructure. Building rain water harvesting tanks, protecting springs and constructing boreholes, constructing improved latrine facilities for schools, families and communities in a participatory and inclusive manner.
  • WASH Education. We educate communities we work with on best practices of managing their water resources, sanitation and hygiene to ensure healthy living. This education is tailored with key messages on Gender equality and HIV/AIDS prevention in schools and communities.

Make today a special one, give safe water to more people.

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The Water Crisis


23.8 Milion people in Uganda don’t have access to safe water in their communities.

28 Million Ugandans lack access to improved sanitation facilities.

Over 4500 children  under five years die from diarrhoea caused by poor sanitation.


Running water is not a reality in many parts of the country here in Uganda.Young school going children, women and girls in homes are the primary water-fetchers and spend large parts of their days lugging water rather than studying or engaging in more productive activities.

Menstrual hygiene is hard to manage for young girls in schools who finally end up dropping out of school. Without appropriate infrastructure, Sanitation and hygiene in homes and schools is hard to manage which results in many water-related diseases which many people in these communities can’t afford to treat and thus loss of life to the deadly yet preventable water related illnesses.

Globally poor sanitation and open defecation practices in developing countries kill more children every year than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined according to World Health Organization and UNICEF.

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Clean Water

We work with people in water-poor communities to bring clean and safe water to their families and community schools using affordable solutions. Learn more here

watercause education

Health Education

We educate children in schools together with their teachers about best sanitation and hygiene practices that improve the health of learners in schools.  Learn more here

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Our Impact







Help us reach more people with safe water solutions today! A donation as small as $1 will bring safe water to a family