About WaterCause Org

Welcome to WaterCause.Org

Watercause.org is a development WASH organization that was founded to improve access to safe and clean water among people in water-poor communities in Uganda, Eastern Africa. We embrace humanity through providing safe water solutions to water-poor communities in Uganda.

Our mission:  Provide safe water solutions to people in water-poor communities.

We provide safe water, sanitation & hygiene tools and solutions to people living in remote areas in Uganda where clean drinking water is no reality.


Our work focuses on building self sustaining communities that effectively manage their own water resources for more productive and healthier lives. We achieve this through;

  • WASH infrastructure development. Drilling wells, building rain water harvesting tanks, improved latrine facilities for schools, families and communities in a participatory and inclusive manner.
  • WASH Education. We educate local people on best practices of managing their water resources, sanitation and hygiene to ensure healthy living.

Make today a special one, give safe water to more people.

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