Clean Water



rain water harvester -brightWe work with schools, health centers and other institutions to bring clean and safe water closer to children and other users.  Our simple and cost effective solution is the use of large rainwater harvesting systems that harvest between 10,000 Litres to 30,000 Litres of clean water from the rooves. Rain water is readily available in communities where we work and just needs to be harvested the right way and stored safely for use.



protected spring - website 20210926_141700Springs are sustainable and reliable water sources that many villages depend on for water. Unfortunately, when these springs are not protected, their water is contaminated with all kinds of waste since it is open.   Our simple solution is to protect these reliable sources of water by covering the water point and putting an outlet where people can collect clean and safe water in the easiest way. These protected springs provide clean water all the time.



boreholes_for_clean_water)Boreholes provide clean and safe water on demand by the users. These can be hand dug if the water level is not so deep and drilled with machines if the water level is very deep. The underground water in clean and free from any contanination making the water safe for drinking and production.