Our current projects are  as follows; Aloysious water project.pngName: ST. Aloysious Bright primary school.

Location: Kisansala village, Lwengo, Uganda.

Status: Needs Support

The school has 285 pupils, 9 teachers and 3 non-teaching staff. The school is located on one of the two hills in villages and leaners move to a community water source that is located 40 minutes away from the school down-hill to collect water for use at school two times a day (in the morning and evening). To do this, one class will collect water in the morning and another class collects water in the evening. Unfortunately, the water collected is dirty and unsafe for drinking and it can’t satisfy the needs of the school. The 20000L capacity rain water harvesting tank will collect and store rain water from the class room buildings which will provide clean and safe water that will be enough to satisfy the schools water needs. See video here

Name: New Hope Primary school.

Location: Ttagga village, Lwengo, Uganda

Status: Needs Support

The school is located in Lwengo district, Kkingo subcounty, Kasaana parish, in Ttagga village. The school has 315 pupils in 2019 and 12 staff members. The school relies on water that collects on a rock during the rain season which doesn’t last long. The same water is used by other community members for washing clothes, motor bikes among others. The solution is to construct a 20,000 Litre permanent rain water harvesting tank at the school.


Name: Kaswa Primary School

Location: Kaswa village, Lwengo, Uganda.

Total beneficiaries: 211 Users.

Sponsor: Jennifer Pasquer.


Kaswa primary school is a community school located in Lwengo district. The school got a rain water harvesting tank which was donated by Jennifer Pasquer. Learners no longer need to walk long distances to fetch dirty water since they are able to get clean and safe water at school premises from their rain water tank.