Make a difference with us in Africa.

Make a difference in the lives of many families that live in water-poor communities  by offering your skills and expertise in improving access to clean water and sanitation sector.


Our volunteer program is open to individuals, students, professionals and small sized teams of volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers can stay for a minimum of three weeks. Our volunteer program welcomes individuals, students, professionals and groups/teams of volunteers from all over the world. Volunteers can volunteer for a minimum of three weeks with any of our community projects or at organisational level. watercause WATER TANK CONSTRUCTION

General volunteer roles in different projects

Construction related work

  • You will engage in direct construction of water infrastructure like tanks under the supervision of skilled local constructors.
  • You will engage in installation of facilities like hand washing facilities in schools, health centers, households and other public places.
  • Loading and/or Offloading of construction materials at the site of construction together with locals
  • You will be involved in plumbing and piping work for distribution of water where it will be used.
  • Digging of underground rain rater harvesting tanks and other catchment containers.
  • Installation of guttering systems from roof catchment areas to rain water storage facilities.

Educational related work

  • Educating pupils and students in schools about best water, sanitation and hygiene practices.
  • Educating teachers on how to maintain a School-led Approach to proper sanitation and hygiene.
  • Training students/pupils, teachers and communities on water related diseases and how best to avoid them.
  • Demonstrating pupils/students and teaches best hand washing practices and installation of low-cost material in installation.
  • Development of easy-to-understand educational material for schools and community members on water, sanitation and hygiene management practices in schools and communities.
  • Distribution of water filtration devices among community members and institutions like schools and health centers

Research and development

  • Researching best practices and working solutions
  • Evaluation of best practices

Your Stay and Logistics information:

– Upon arrival, we will be available to welcome you and receive you from the airport. (Free Airport Pick up) – A Ugandan Tourist Visa for $50 USD is available at the airport upon your arrival at Entebbe. Please provide documentation of your vaccinations, specifically Yellow Fever, as this vacation is MANDATORY for all travelers entering Uganda.


You will be receiving a cultural and Project orientation about our work with the communities, villager lifestyles, and learn basic Luganda to converse with the locals. You will also be briefed about important place around like Health centers, restaurants, internet cafes, grocery stores and others


You will be staying with our host families in the community where you will be working. Our host families are wisely selected and they also speak English. Alternatively, you can choose to stay at a volunteer house where some volunteers will be staying. You will be picked by our van to drive you to our project sites where you will be working. Meals: Volunteers will be provided with three local Uganda meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Fruit and bottled water are also included. We are also able to cater to special dietary restrictions or allergies. Internet: Internet can be accessed through cafes and restaurants in the nearby town, or purchased with your smartphone through a Uganda SIM Card. Some volunteer tasks require a laptop, so it is encouraged that volunteers bring their own. watercause apply button